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He Was In The Way

This song  was spawned from scenes from two dreams. One dream includes a staggering moment of clarity. As I exit my rural New Hampshire town’s Grange Hall, I look down the hill, across the field towards the house I grew up in. The long grass in the field was striking in that it was brightly multi-colored. Maybe a foot to 18 inches tall.  As I looked across the psychedelic grass towards my home, I was thunderstruck by the sudden realization that I am a fool and a liar.

This realization was so powerful that it seemed to cross from the dream world into reality. It was disturbing, but strangely comforting, to become aware of this fault. In an unrelated dream,  I am being chased by some soldiers, maybe Roman soldiers. I am across a river from them and they are shooting cross-bows at me. At first, they are not aiming well, but they quickly start to become more accurate and I have to hide in a small space covered with a piece of corrugated aluminum, and I can hear the crossbow bolts raining down on the thin noisy metal just above me. 

These dream scenes are glued together by fatigue and despair resulting from the increasing dearth of dignity and decency I see about me. 


The doc said truth didn’t survive 

No one seemed surprised 

It was crash dive, kid

It was in the way


Mendacity wins every day

Crossbow bolts from across the bay,

Trees don’t die of old age, kid 

Looks like--you’re in the way


Rocket hit the moon, saw the debris

Dudes on the hill are bleedin’ out chi

It’s a shock to discover

You’re a fool and a liar

Muscleman…got ff the rope

He don’t know what he don’t know

I got the ambient dread kid …..talkin to me


The captain said we leave today

Feels like we’re underway

Somethin’ aint right mate

It’s a lookin’ pretty grey


Hey man, tell him to let it go 

He don’t know what he don’t know

He got spiders in his brain kid

You are prey

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