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On the rugged northwestern coast  of Italy is a cluster of five tiny seaside towns that are connected by walking trails. The hike from Monterosso to Vernazza begins with dozens of stone steps, traverses vineyards, plunges into deep green foliage, and skirts seaside cliffs. The first glimpse of Vernazza is moving. “How can it be,” you wonder, “that this fairy tale perfection actually exists?”  This song is a soundscape inspired by this enchanting walk. 



Todo esto sera Azul


Tuta - Rah



We left Germany

The others had left the suite

You were staring through


You were staring through

Daring through

Dare, dare, Dare

Dare, dare, dare




I woke 

I woke

To you




Through a window colliding 

in a world all flooded with flowers

You did not know a thing, ah

A boy and a man and a boy on my fingers and palms


You said if you’re moving then are you really sleeping?

If you are moving, then are you really dreaming?

Are you dreaming when you move 

and your eyes are awake and you're bigger.

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