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Bridge Bender

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“Hotel Bar is worthy of a Grammy.” 

Bill Winiker of the internationally loved Winiker brothers


“It’s so great. I’m going to tell everyone.” 

Jason Steinberg Director of marketing and promotion WBAB Long Island // PR Exec Former WBCN Promotions 

Bridge Bender is a Boston based post-punk duo featuring vocal alchemy by classically trained Futuresuzi and long-time Boston radio personality, DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Bradley Jay. On this debut album, Jay  composes, plays guitar, bass, synths, and sings. He also handles the production.  Between the darkness of “Behind Those Hollow Eyes,” and  the pink cloud that is “Thunder And Flow,” lies a mise-en-scène that will take the lover of synthesizer driven post-punk where they want to go.



Multilingual Functionality


First-Rate Materials

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